4 Part Video Course: Transition & Transformation


Transform your grief through the Transition and Transformation series by discovering new ways of looking at your grief and the many changes and challenges facing you. You get to gain a new perspective of the process as you learn to work through your resistance, imbalance, self-sabotage, and finally plan and create the life your desire.  All this is waiting for you and much more.



The Transition & Transformation Series is a journey of discovery and about coming home to You.

Whenever there is a death or loss, a part of You needs to grieve. Once attended to, you continue your journey through many transitions and changes. Then there will come a point when you are ready to let go of the past but are unsure exactly how to. This can bring in a period of uncertainty. You may feel lost in the forest, cast adrift at sea or floating in circles with no direction and be unable to get back to being you and your life.

You will find your answers in the first training session.  With this new understanding, you will be better positioned to navigate your way forward. By knowing how you react to change, you will discover ways to transform your internal chaos into motivational inspiration. In the past, your experience of change may have been trying. Here you will be shown ways so you can view change differently. If you can accept change, you will see the power it has and what’s possible for you. A richer, vastly more fulfilling life.

As a result of the changes you are going through related to your loss, you may well find added stress in your life. Often feeling you are being stretched too thin at work and home. In the next training session, you will discover how to gain control of your life rather than your life controlling you. Once you learn how to create more balance in your life, you’ll have more focus to see what matters most. Do so will bring you a greater sense of joy and flow. Additionally, your relationships will improve at work and home.

As you work through the many changes and stressors in your life and begin to make plans to move forward, you may discover ways to stop yourself. Such as negative self-talk and if left unchecked can rob you of your dreams. In the 3rd session, you will learn how to identify your inner critic, discover four sneaky tricks this saboteur uses against you and how to outsmart it. You will find the top obstacle standing between you and the life you want and best of all; you will know who this voice belongs too.

As with any journey, it is important to know where you are going so you can plan for it.  Wouldn’t it be comforting to have a plan to carry you through the rough patches? Something to keep you moving along and on the right track. You cannot go back and fix the past, however, you can move forward into a bright future. Together with new knowledge and education your past provides for you. In our final training session, you get to create a refreshing, successful tomorrow for yourself. Discover a new easy way to follow a plan that will ensure greater achievement, fulfillment, and happiness; it is as simple as learning your alphabet.

In this experiential training series, you will begin to understand that yes, you have experienced a personal loss or death but you don’t have to suffer forever. You will discover many ways to help you heal and move forward. With each session, you will go through several exercises, and these you will find in the downloadable workbook that accompanies each training session. You will find them very helpful in guiding your thoughts and experience.


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