Part 2: Reclaiming Your Time Video Course + FREE Workbook


Just curious – is your time killing your Choices?

I’m going out on a limb here by suggesting that if you are anything like the majority of people who feel overworked and stretched too thin, then you would also say that you could use a little less stress and a lot more balance in your life. 

How does that sound to you?



You make thousands, even tens of thousands of choices every day of your life, and while most of them are little things, many of them can have a huge impact on how you balance your personal life with your professional one.  Do you ever ask yourself or even wonder why you make the choices you make and what kind of effect can these choices have on your present life as well as your future one?  Or how many times have you wished for more time and less stress in your day?

The answers to these questions you will find in this training session Reclaiming Your Time, Finding Balance and Living a More Joyful Life. Here the benefits of having a balanced life as well as the adverse effects of an imbalanced one are discussed. Can you imagine creating more balance in your life without turning things upside down after discovering these simple strategies? By applying them, you can then focus on the things that matter most and also on what brings you a greater sense of joy.

Here is a sample of what we cover:

  • The benefits of work-life balance (these include less stress, better health, more satisfying relationships, and a greater sense of peace and success
  • Review the consequences of work-life imbalance (stress, health issues, family/relationships issues, unhappiness and not enjoying life)
  • Look at the negative and positive factors that influence work-life balance both internal and external
  • Engage in hands-on activities to discover what distracts you from maintaining your balance
  • Explore the four quadrants on the work-life balance model activity sheet and customize the sheet with your information
  • Strategize how to minimize negative influences and maximize positive influences toward your goal of optimum work-life balance
  • Map out a strategy that you can take and work with after the training session is over

When you have balance in your life, everything seems to flow better! Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • You have greater peace of mind
  • Your relationships with family, friends, and co-workers are improved dramatically
  • You will see improved health and well-being
  • You feel more relaxed
  • You have more time to plan the things that matter most to you

Please don’t wait any longer, having a more balanced life starts with honoring what YOU need and want. You can’t serve anyone feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. When you reclaim your time and bring your life and work-life back into balance your outlook on life improves, bringing in a greater sense of peace.


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