Screenshot 2016-06-10 14.32.55Let’s Talk About Grief!

The big question is “How” – how do you let your grief transform you?  First, you have to be willing to go into your grief and not ignore it or run.  A death shatters your very core, your very foundation and like all foundations, it will need to be repaired and rebuilt.  This is where you get an opportunity to review your life, your beliefs, values, and your needs.

You will get an opportunity to face your fears, your guilt, your anger.  Take a look at what parts of your life are working and what parts are not.  Now you begin to see why they call grieving “work”.  Thus begins the rebuilding of your foundation.  This is an opportunity for you to find meaning for the death of the person you have lost, forgive the past and move into your future with acceptance. For some, they will heal their grief by creating a legacy, a trust fund or find they are ready to help and support others on their grief journey.

Action, Commitment, and Support

To do so requires commitment, action, and support for you to reach your transformation but I can tell you, it can be done for I have walked this journey a little while ago.  I believe you can heal your grief, you can remember the person with love and a light heart. With the happy remembrance of the memories that bring a smile to your face.

Like all good journeys when you know where you are going it is easier to plan but first, you decide your destination and take action. 

Grief has Many Faces

Grief comes in many sizes and is mostly associated with a death, however, there are many life circumstances that can create the same feelings and emotions.  Unfortunately, Society doesn’t recognize them and these souls suffer alone.  I hope to be inclusive and recognize grieving comes with divorce/separation, job loss, miscarriage, pet loss and leaving a country of origin.  That’s why I created a tool called “Climbing out of Life’s Emotional Abyss”. This is one of my many tools I have in my toolkit to support you through the heartbreak of loss and then guide you towards your peace and happiness.

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There are many losses you are likely to encounter in your life, and many of them may require you to grieve. However, unless you recognized them as a loss, it would be hard for you to accept them as such and move into the grieving process. This free report will help you to identify a few signs that grief may have entered your world.

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