Tragedy Happens

I am sure you know someone who has experienced a tragedy in their life? How did they cope?  Often when a tragic event strikes, it’s your coping strategies that come into play.  How well are challenges managed? If you yourself have experienced a tragic event, how have you coped?  Do you go into avoidance and not discuss what had happened? Or perhaps you have fallen apart for a time but found your way to acceptance?  You may be fortunate and have a natural resilience, for you have dealt and coped well and have found ways to have grown because of it?


Regardless of your coping strategies, there are many who will avoid their painful feelings. Instead, they will carry on with their lives the best way they know how, despite feeling confused and hurt. Perhaps it was the adults around you that discouraged you from showing your emotions and in order to fit in, you shut them down. You may have sensed somehow that they were not welcomed or wanted. You may have been rewarded as a way to stop you or perhaps punished if you didn’t stop. Interesting to know, we humans are taught from a young age to avoid pain at all costs so after all avoidance then is natural.

Chaos Creating

These types of behaviours, serve only to make the event worse and, as a result, you may find your life is not much fun. Not dealing with your emotions can cause you to harden your heart against further heartache.  Doing so could create difficulties in your relationships with others.  Your anger may simmer just below the surface, and explode at an inopportune moment.  Avoiding your feelings and emotions can also create depression. It may be your unresolved grief that is the cause of all this.

Young Royal Speaks Out

If you read any of the articles on Prince Harry, you will find that he chose not to feel sad, and so he refused to talk about the death of his mother. It was only after creating chaos in his life, he eventually sought help, discovering that the best way to cope was indeed to talk about it. He is glad he did. Prince Harry has turned his life around and it is so much better than before.

Losses Not Grieved

There are many losses that you are likely to encounter in your life and not many of us have been taught how to cope or deal with them.  As a result, many losses go unrecognized, so why would you know to grieve?

Find out if you have unresolved grief in this special report -  6 Signs that Grief could be ruining your life. Your life is too precious to waste on living an unfulfilled life.  How bad would you allow your life to be before you sought help?










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Subscribe To Receive Your Special Report: 6 Signs Grief Could Be Ruining Your Life Without You Knowing

There are many losses you are likely to encounter in your life, and many of them may require you to grieve. However, unless you recognized them as a loss, it would be hard for you to accept them as such and move into the grieving process. This free report will help you to identify a few signs that grief may have entered your world.

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