Screenshot 2016-06-10 14.32.55How Do You Transform?

Your grief isn’t just about your recent loss its an accumulation of many, this is an opportunity for you to build you from the ground up.  Grief shatters so you can rebuild anew.

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Your 12 Steps from Grief to Peace

  1. Going into grief’s abyss
  2. Finding a way out
  3. Learning what thoughts cause you pain
  4. Making peace with your past
  5. Forgiving yourselves and others
  6. Finding what’s important
  7. Determining your needs
  8. Restoring your balance
  9. Practicing gratitude
  10. Learning your values
  11. Finding new meaning
  12. Creating a new Chapter in your Book of Life

The Energy of Grief

In grief, your energy is way too low to make decisions or even attempt to do much of anything.  Grief is meant to stop you so you can take time to get into it – really feel its intensity and allow it to move you and move through you.  Running away will only prolong it or it will recede leaving you listless or depressed.

Dropping into Grief

Grief is nature’s way of honouring the deceased, your ancestors if you will, according to Karla McLaren, author of The Language of Emotions. It stops you so you can see what “Needs to be mourned” and “What must be released completely?” Karla advises. We cannot do all this if we are distracted or moving too fast.  Grief is meant to slow you down.  If you refuse to because your too busy or are fearful then nature has another opportunity to get your attention – depression may ascend.  Depression according to Ms. McLaren - is a Brilliant Stop Sign.  In depression you get an opportunity to review “Where has my energy gone” “Why was it sent away?” she says.

You have a choice now, to heal your past so as to move into your most amazing future yet.  A future where you can live fully.  The sack of unfinished business can be put down; you will come out of grief renewed if you allow it to do its job.

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