3 Common Beliefs to Avoid That Can Stop Grieving Women From Healing


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Anne E. DeButte enjoyed a 32-year career in healthcare. It only took four days of retirement before she decided to restart her career, this time as a grief coach and author. When Anne isn’t at her desk coaching or writing, she can be found on the golf course or curled up with a good book in front of the fire in her home in Ottawa, Canada.

When you understand the “why’s”, then the how’s and what’s can be more easily put into place. This will give you confidence, you will have more energy and you won’t be worrying that there is something seriously wrong with you. You may even be able to relax, sleep better and ultimately feel more alive, so you can be you again.

‘3 Common Beliefs to Avoid That Can Stop Grieving Women From Healing’ is the Beginning of Your Journey Towards Transition and Transformation

This Free webinar is about debunking 3 myths that may be holding you back and keeping you from moving forward in the healing process.  By the end of the webinar, you will have a much better understanding of what these are and what you can do differently in order not to get stuck.

Time will heal, but there is more to it than waiting. You will learn why “going it alone”, isn’t such a great idea. Yes, death and loss are normal and natural occurrences so why shouldn’t you manage on your own? Discover what not to do and ways to ensure you move through your grief in a healthier way.

When you are on a plane you are told the importance of putting on your own mask 1st. The same principle applies when you are grieving. Many times, you may put your own needs last. This comes naturally to women, it is part of who they are. You will discover “why” it is important to look after you and the need to put your own mask on, which in turn enables you to better help others.

Emotions and the feelings around losses can be frightening and painful. Why wouldn’t you want to run from them? Discover ways you may be doing this without realizing it. Learn why you may need to give yourself permission to grieve and the importance of your emotions and the part they play.

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Grief Inventory Chart - 6 Areas Grief Can Affect

There are many losses you are likely to encounter in your life, and many of them may require you to grieve. However, unless you recognized them as a loss, it would be hard for you to accept it as such and move into the grieving process. Whether you are grieving the death of a loved one or another type of loss, this free gift can help you understand your grief a little more.

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Free Webinar with Anne Debutte, Grief Coach