3 Common Beliefs to Avoid
There are not many people who are comfortable discussing a death or the loss of a relationship, any loss that they experience for that matter.  However, when I share with them some of the pitfalls of not dealing with their loss, they often become instantly curious.

Blame & Guilt
Too often, I have seen and heard them complain and share “if only statements” or “if I could have” they suffer hours needlessly by berating themselves.  This is so sad.  Grieving is hard enough without adding on layers of blame or guilt.  It is awkward to know how to deal with a death or loss because, let’s face it, we have not been shown.  The behaviors around them were shown to us by our parents or authority figures in Society and may well have been one of avoidance.

The More You Learn
I’d like to remedy that so I’m hosting a webinar to explain these 3 common beliefs. Having journeyed into grief through a death and loss myself, it is now my desire to guide others in their healing by giving them a better understanding of grief.  Because, I truly believe the more you learn about something, the less fear you have around it.  Who doesn’t remember the first time they learned to drive or ride a bike? Didn’t you feel a little scared and unsure then?  When you develop awareness and understanding, the “why’s”, begin to make more sense to you and you become more willing to adopt something different.

This webinar is about debunking these 3 beliefs or myths:

  • Time will heal, yes, but there is more to it than simply waiting. You will learn why “going it alone”, isn’t such a great idea. Death and loss are normal and natural occurrences so why shouldn’t you manage on your own?  Discover what not to do and what to do.
  • Who hasn’t heard this in the safety demonstration when flying regarding the importance of putting on your own mask first? The same principle applies when you are grieving.  Many times, your own mask is put on last.  This comes so naturally to women.  Together, we will explore why it is important.
  • Isn’t it natural to run away from pain – aren’t we taught as children to avoid it? Emotions and the feelings around loss can be both alarming and painful.  Why wouldn’t you want to run from them?  Learn what you are avoiding without even realizing it.

By understanding the “why’s” then the how’s and what else can easily be put into place.  This gives you confidence, more energy and you won’t be worrying that there is something wrong with you.  You may even be able to relax, sleep better and feel alive by reconnecting to your life.

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