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'Grief isn’t about a broken head, but a broken heart. Anne’s book will help you find forgiveness and healing.'

Aurora Winter, author of Grief Relief in 30 Minutes

Introducing Grief’s Abyss

When a Loved One Dies You Enter Grief’s Abyss

The process of grieving the loss of a loved one can be confusing, painful, and deeply sad. While it is an experience each of us will encounter in life, grief is often shrouded in mystery and silence. We wonder if we are doing it correctly, if we are recovering too slowly, or if we are the only one to feel hollowed out inside long after the funeral. In Grief’s Abyss author Anne DeButte shines a light of compassion and understanding on the experience of loss. Tracing her experiences following the sudden death of her father as well as her expertise as nurse and grief coach, Anne provides a supportive road map for the mysterious journey through the land of grief. This book is a gentle and wise companion for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.

'Grief’s Abyss will bring you comfort and is written with great compassion.'

Dr. Lori Kay PhD , Psychologist, Author

 About Anne DeButte

Anne E. DeButte enjoyed a 32-year career in healthcare. It only took four days of retirement before she decided to restart her career, this time as a grief coach and author. When Anne isn’t at her desk coaching or writing, she can be found on the golf course or curled up with a good book in front of the fire in her home in Ottawa, Canada

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'This is a book that will become a friend to its reader - a practical and tender guide through the journey of grief.'

Sharae Buskirk, Hospice Bereavement Care Coordinator
What Readers are saying about Anne and Grief`s Abyss
"This book offers hope with a plan. It does a comprehensive job of touching on the many types of loss, and offers helpful suggestions for coping. I would recommend this to anyone who is grieving or knows someone who is grieving for the loss of a loved one. A well-written book about a very difficult subject."-Judy O'Beirn, Creator and co-author of international bestselling book  "Unwavering Strength
"I thought the book to be captivating and intriguing. It would be a great read for anyone who would like to have a better understanding on the intricacies revolving the grieving process. "-Nuno Souza, Manager,  Capital Funeral Home and Cemetary

 “This book will (at the very least) help in understanding the natural phenomenon of grief following the loss of a loved one. It has the potential to do much more – it may provide direction out of Grief’s Abyss and into a new, healthy reality beyond loss.”

-Jason R. Pantarotto MD FRCPC

“Anne DeButte's journey from Grief's Abyss to a renewal of happiness and peace will be a positive help for all us all when faced with the inevitable grief at the loss of a loved one. Highly recommended.”-Dr Barry L. Whitney, University of Windsor (retired)

Grief’s Abyss is Anne’s intensely personal and bone-honest story. With permission to welcome the full range of feelings associated with grief, she guides us like a loving older sister through the loss of a loved one. For anyone struggling with how to deal with heart-break, this book is a source of gentle wisdom.”

-Andrea Mathieson, Midlife Midwife,

Grief’s Abyss is a thoughtfully written guide to navigating a loss. Anne’s warmth and compassion wraps you with loving and supportive advice on how to crawl out of the well of sadness when experiencing the loss of a loved one. A must-read for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.”

-Kristen Sutich, Personal Coach,

“Grief isn’t about a broken head, but a broken heart. Anne’s book will help you find forgiveness and healing, as she did. I highly recommend Anne — both her book and her coaching are delightful.”

-Aurora Winter, author of Grief Relief in 30 Minutes

Anne Debutte’s book, “Grief’s Abyss:  Finding your Pathway to Peace,”  will be an immediate comfort to anyone who is experiencing grief.  The reader will feel like they are not alone, they are understood, and there is a path for finding their way out of grief.”-Babette Zschiegner,  Author of “Traveling with your Autistic Child: 76 Tips for Joyful Family Adventures”

Anne has a wonderful way of painting images with words her writing style draws you in and slows you down. As I read the chapters in this book I was impressed with the images and softness of the words, clearly written by someone who has “been there”. This is a book that allows someone who is grieving to know that others have walked the way before and, while not offering to “fix” things can offer guidance on the road to be travelled through grief towards healing and wholeness. I would happily suggest it as a resource and use it as a guide for conversations. Particularly helpful are the short questions at the end of the chapters.

-Rev. Elaine Beattie

“This is brilliant. It is by far the best I have read on grief. Bravo. Easy to read, digest and brings in the energy /archetype of HOPE.”-Lilly White,

As a baby boomer, who has not yet had to cope with the loss of either parent, I have given thought as to what my reactions might and will be, and how I will cope losing 2 losing individuals who have the “rocks of support” in my life. How will I handle my grief and support my children and my siblings in their grief as well? I also like to have a map for journeys and hope that Grief Abyss can be a resource and guide for me in the destination of the journey of grief. The messages are very reassuring. Well done Anne!

 -Sue McCutcheon, RN, COHN©

Grief’s Abyss is a book that everyone who is going through the grieving process should read. The book will bring you comfort, and is written with great compassion. Anne Debutte does an amazing job helping the reader come to terms with their loss.”

-Dr. Lori Kay PhD , Psychologist, Author

“Grief’s Abyss is great resource for what each and every one of us will face in our lives or have been through many times. Having been in the nursing profession for 50 yrs. now, we who provide our services are often in the position to comfort and provide counselling at the very time of loss of a loved one.  Anne's book Grief's Abyss would have been most welcomed to me many years ago when I lost family members. I recommend it highly."-Angela G. Bertrend, Psychiatric  Nurse, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Group
I am moved and touched by Anne’s personal story of loss and grief. She uses her own deeply personal experience to gently guide the reader through the grief and loss journey.  I particularly appreciate the life giving reflection questions that set me on a new path of healing, hope and wholeness.”-Lillas Marie Hatala, MCEd.,CHRP,CMC Integrative Leadership International Ltd.  Calgary, AB Canada

“The fact that Anne herself has walked the road of grief and has now found peace, gives her the authentic ability to help the reader in their own journey. Anne you are brilliant!”

-Jayne Blumenthal, Business Strategist and Success Mindset Mentor

"Anne is amazingly connected with her thoughts and emotions. She has a gift for knowing what’s happening on the inside and has a way of articulating it in a way that not many people can. It is through this gift that she is able to describe her own journey through grief and in doing so, will help others connect with what they are truly thinking and feeling as they navigate their way out of grief’s Abyss."

-Bradley Preston, Engineering student, University of Victoria, BC

With this courageous book, Anne DeButte gives us a sort of road map through the intense emotions of grief. Through it we understand how normal it is to experience the disorientation and altered states we encounter when loved ones die, plus some good pointers to help us through the unfamiliar terrain.”

-Dhyanis Carniglia, Certified “From Heartbreak to Happiness®” Grief Coach

Author Anne DeButte

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